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Housing Programs In DC

Changing Neighborhoods

Housing Programs In DC 

Changing Neighborhoods

Lydia's House strengthening families platform is to increase the number of first time home buyers in the DMV through education, counseling, and referral and to decrease the number of households losing their homes to foreclosure. 

  • First Time Homebuyer and HPAP Orientation

  • Group Financial Education Workshops

  • One-on-one Housing Counseling

  • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

One-on-one Housing Counseling
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Participants completing the First Time Homebuyer Workshops are eligible to receive one-on-one housing and financial counseling to achieve their housing and/or financial goals. One-on-one counseling is 1 hour meetings with a Housing Counselor to assist in developing a realistic Action Plan to include a review of Tri-merge Credit Report; developing spending plans, disputing errors on credit report, savings down payment for home purchase, and completing an application for a DHCD funding program (HPAP, EHAP, and/or NEAHP).

First Time Homebuyer and HPAP Orientation

Pre Purchase Orientation – a 2-3 hour overview of HUD homebuyer education and the District of Columbia homebuyer programs. Pre-requisite for one-on-one counseling.

Group Financial Education Workshops
Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Mortgage Late? Don’t Wait! We can help!.


Lydia’s House provides a 12 module financial education series that will help you improve your credit, manage your money, and be a responsible homeowner.

  • Assessment of your mortgage, including payment status and urgency in the delinquency and foreclosure process 

  • General discussion of foreclosure

  • Development of loss mitigation options

  • Development of steps to be taken by you and by our certified counselor

  • Communication with servicer

  • Submission of loss mitigation package to servicer

  • Mediation Assistance and Referral Service

  • Written action plan for avoiding foreclosure

  • Follow up support for homeowner

  • Contact information for available community services

Single Family Residential Rehabilitation Program (SFRRP)

Single Family Residential Rehabilitation (SFRRP) administers loans and/or grants for home repairs to alleviate DC building code violations and assists homeowners in repairing physical threats to health and safety, and modify and/or eliminate barriers to accessibility for persons with mobility or other physical impairments.

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